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Pacamask face masks are not only stylish and comfortable, they feature clinically proven fabric, protection against against airborne particles for up to 50 washes.


It feels like ages ago when we were packing our kids off to school, the school bus is like a distant memory. However, it’s all about to change. With the majority of schools due back in September it’s time to get start getting ready for the mad rush. As we all now know wearing of face masks is now a legal requirement on public transport, and is highly recommended in public places.

Bacteria from respiratory droplets spread by...

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the Total Mask Solution for going Back to School

Choose from our extensive colour and designer range.
Made from Clinically Proven Silver-ion wonder material.
Reusable and safe for up to 50 washes
Save on landfill by using our reusable masks vs disposables
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At Pacamask we’re all parents

So with the help of our kids we’ve created an exclusive Children’s Range suitable for all ages and genders. We also know how important it is to protect the pennies in these challenging times.

The Pacamask Kids Range comes in a range of plain colours, or designer patterns. Each and every mask is made from the revolutionary Silver Ion material, clinically tested to protect for up to 50 washes.

Choose any six masks from our range and pay only £44.95 including post and packing. That’s around 16p a wear, which when compared to disposable surgical masks is a bargain. Plus the revolutionary Clinically Proven Silver-ion Technology protects against airborne particles whilst looking great.



Based on 1000+ happy customers
“I bought Pacamask’s for myself, husband and our daughter – we all love them! They offer protection for my family and look so much nicer than any others I’ve seen.”
“I love my Pacamask, it's stylish but also super cool. I'm able to cumulate to work knowing I'm protected but also looking good and saying it with colour”
“Really good quality mask which I can use for not just walking around but also sport and outdoor activities. I personally fell in love with the simple design and colours.”
“I love the mask, my Granddaughter purchased one for me and it's more comfortable than I thought. It also allows me to keep safe whilst brining a bit of colour to my day.”
frequently asked questions

Still unsure? Find answers to your questions below

1. Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitiser) before you touch the mask.
2. Raise the mask to nose level, then place the elastic band over the crown of your head. When properly worn, the band will sit on the back of your head, at about forehead level.
3. Pull the bottom of the mask down, over your mouth and chin.

1. Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitizer) before you touch the mask.
2. Reach back to touch the elastic band. Do not touch the front of your mask (it may be contaminated).
3. Lift the elastic band up and over your head, then remove the mask from your face.
4. Clean your hands again, using soap and water (or hand sanitizer).

Before using your mask for the first time, wash your mask and your face – and then wash your mask after every use. We recommend washing by hand and air drying for best results. If using a washing machine, use a gentle cycle and natural detergent. DO NOT tumble dry. Make sure your mask is completely dry before you use it. Always wash your hands before and after handling your mask.

Pacamask face masks are not medical devices, and have not been proven to protect you from COVID-19 or other diseases. However, if you are infected but have not yet developed symptoms, it may provide some protection for others you come into close contact with.

A face covering, such as our face masks, is not the same as the surgical masks or respirators used by healthcare and other workers as part of personal protective equipment; as stated in the latest UK Government guidelines, these should continue to be reserved for those who need them to protect against risks in their workplace, such as health and care workers, and those in industrial settings, like those exposed to dust hazards.

Many Countries have made the wearing of face masks mandatory in certain situations, or highly recommended, although views are still being formed. For Country specific guidance we recommend you consider the guidelines issued in your country of residence.

Pacamask face masks are made from two layers of fabric - including a layer of revolutionary Silver Ion fabric, which is scientifically proven to kill 99% of bacteria for up to 50 washes. In addition, our masks feature adjustable elasticated ear loops to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

• Pacamask Colour Collection (single colour) masks are made from 100% Cotton with a Silver Ion antibacterial Cotton layer.

• Pacamask Designer Collection (patterned print) masks are made from 50% Cotton, 46.5% Polyester, 3.5% Spandex with a Silver Ion antibacterial Cotton layer.

Due to Health Regulations, masks are considered personal items and may not be exchanged or returned for resale. Masks will be replaced only if defective in materials or construction. Please consider carefully before purchasing.
This mask is effective protection from toxic air pollution when used according to instructions. The mask is not a medical device and has not been medically proven to prevent disease.

Products are sent Royal Mail 2nd Class delivery service. Optional ‘Express Delivery’ sent 1st Class Royal Mail Signed For. UK only; delivery normally within 2-3 days, but please allow up to 28 days. Face masks cannot be refunded or returned due to hygiene unless faulty.

Face coverings, including Pacamask Face Masks, should never be worn by children under 36 months.


pacamask for kids

Whilst some people don’t think it’s important for kids to wear face coverings, we feel it’s important to protect our children especially on the journey to and from school. Obviously with kids it’s important to have a face mask that not only looks cool, but is washable. We all know how fickle our kids can be!
Choose from our extensive colour and designer range.
Made from Clinically Proven Silver-ion wonder material.
Safe for up to 50 washes.
Save on landfill
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