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Pacamask face masks are equipped with three layers of protection.

Pacamask facemasks can be bought in bulk. For orders of 50 masks or more the cost per mask reduces to £4.99 each plus VAT and postage.

When your mask is dispatched you will automatically receive an email, assuming you provided your email address during the order process. If a tracking reference is available this will be in the dispatch email. Small orders are not tracked but are sent by Royal Mail Second CIass post.

Pacamask Facemasks come in two sizes – Adult and Child. A clear size guide, including a diagram, is featured on the Pacamask website. View Size Guide

This depends on the size of each child – Customers should refer to the sizing guide on the website

Please contact Customer Support and we will be able to tell you when we are expecting the arrival of new stock or when and if we are expecting to restock an existing colour or pattern.

Please contact Customer Support and we will be able to provide a VAT invoice

Please contact Customer Support to be unsubscribed from our mailing lists.

Please contact customer support providing your order number and relevant details of your incorrect order and we will do our best to rectify the mistake.

We cannot accept the return of masks that have already been opened due to health and safety reasons. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of our masks please contact support and we will do our best to help.

Our masks are NOT equipped with a metal wire.

Our masks are manufactured in Guangzhou, China.

Before using your mask for the first time, wash your mask and your face – and then wash your mask after every use. We recommend washing by hand and air drying for best results. If using a washing machine, use a gentle cycle and natural detergent. DO NOT tumble dry. Make sure your mask is completely dry before you use it. Always wash your hands before and after handling your mask.

The silver ion material impregnated into the mask kills bacteria.


Single colour masks: 100% cotton with incorporated Silver Ion Cotton Layer. Patterned Masks: 50% Cotton with a Silver Ion Cotton Layer, 46.5% polyester, 3.5% Spandex.

The antimicrobial properties of silver have been known for centuries however following numerous clinical trials, Silver Ion has been proven to supress and kill bacteria. Scientists at the University of Arkansas recently carried out extensive testing and found that silver ions were causing paired strands of DNA in bacteria to separate, and the binding between the protein and the DNA to weaken, thus killing the bacteria.

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